Luxury Fashion Lingerie

Women's Underwear manufacturer.

About Gracya

We are lingerie producer with long-term tradition.

„GRACYA” is recognized in Poland and also in the world. We produce luxury lingerie fashion.

„GRACYA” was established by Teresa Slonicz in 1979. An inspiration of its founding was big need of launching new trends in Polish fashion of the 70's. We put together trendy and attractive design and high quality standards.

Unique, trendy and interesting design meet expectation of customers who stayed with original style of Teresa Słonicz. Our collection you can find in fashion houses, wedding fashion salons and reputable stores on whole world.

Beauty pageant

        Through many years Teresa Slonicz cooperate with one of the oldest and most prestigious Beauty Contest in Poland – MISS POLONIA. We are proud that our designs were presented on such contest us:

* MISS WORLD (1997)